Friday, May 9, 2008

Flower girl - bloemenmeisje

Ik ben een fan van Annejulie's werk,
ik geloof dat Maia haar model is voor veel van haar prachtige tekeningen ;-)
Ik hou van het melancholische in haar werk . Haar werk is zo mooi , alhoewel haar figuren dikwijls een droevig gezicht hebben en de tekeningen dikwijls donker zijn .
Ik herken Maia daar in, alhoewel ze een vrolijk en speels meisje is, heeft ze ook iets melancholisch over haar. Ik gaf haar een spiegeltje van Annejulie, als ze soms droevig is kan ze in haar spiegeltje kijken en zien hoe mooi en de moeite waard ze is. Je ziet van hier hoeveel ik van deze dochter hou en van de moeder die dit meisje op de wereld zette.
Annejulie over haar werk:
Il y a que mes personnages ont des mines tristes, mélancoliques à souhait et que l’univers de mes images est souvent sombre et étrange.. Dernièrement certaines personnes m’ont demandé “Mais pourquoi tu ne fais pas des filles au visage plus souriant?”= “Pourquoi tu dessines toujours des filles tristes?” ou encore “tu dessines toujours la même chose” (ouch mon coeur pour cette phrase là), pour moi la raison qui est évidente c’est que je dessine ce que je suis à l’intérieur. Alors pour ceux qui voudraient voir autre chose, je pense qu’il ne faut pas s’attendre à voir autre chose justement. Je ne pense pas être une fille chiante à mourir (excusez l’expression), je suis juste une fille mélancolique. J’adore donner et partager, des images, des émotions, ce que je peux offrir
I adore the artwork of Annejulie,
I believe, my daughter Maia, is a model for her work ;-)
I love the Melancholic drawings and although her characters have often a sad face and the images are often dark, I like her work so much.
Maybe because I find my daughter in it, although Maia is a very joyfull girl, she has also something melancholic in her eyes and her ways. I gave her a little pocket mirror of Annejulie,
and said to her she could always look in the mirror, also in times she's desperate, then she'll she how beautifull and worthwile she is! You can guess how much I love this little daughter, and how much my love goes to the mother who gave birth to this child.
Annejulie about her work:
"Thing is that my characters have a sad face, often melancholic and most of my images are dark and strange .. Recently some people asked me “But why do you not draw girls with happy faces?” = “Why do you always draw sad girls?” or “you always draw the same thing” (let me say my heart has gone very sad reading this), for me the reason is obvious: I draw what I am inside. So for those who would like to see something else, I think that they should NOT expect to see something else. I do not think that I am a bloody boring girl (at least I hope so), I’m just a melancholy girl. I love to give, I love to share, images, emotions, everything I can offer."


Star of the East said...

I'm a HUGE fan of annejulie's work, and your daughter is indeed like her girls very pretty :)

ixela said...

Annejulie's artwork is one of my favourite too and your daughter Maia is a stunning girl... should be a great model for Annejulie's paintings!!!

glasfaden said...

annejulie's work is simply amazing. Maia looks so pretty among those flowers. It's so nice to read your posts, fleur - I can feel your warm love to your kids and that's also amazing!

X by Leina Neima said...

I adore her creation, too :)

ArtMind said...

I have some mirrors from AnneJulie too - I love her work.
I think ou're actually right about Maia being her model! :)

karlita said...

I've been a big fan of Anne-Julie's work as well, i think you described it well and your daughter might as well have been a model for her! She's very beautiful!

Anne-Julie said...

amazing amazing!! Maia is just a little beauty, just like if she is from one of my paintings :D