Thursday, May 15, 2008

today and the past

Oud en nieuw, een paar oorhangers uit 1999 (zoek de assymetrie ;-))
en een paar uit 2008!
Today and the past, a pair of earrings from 1999 (do you find the assemetry ;-)))
and a pair of today (2008).
you can see more of these evolutions in creative work at


ingermaaike said...

Might you have a liking for green and flowers? Both sets are lovely :-)

Veerle said...

What I like a lot on your 'contemporary' designs, is the use of very nice basic materials (the earring-hooks e.g.).
Perhaps you could consider making some pairs with pins instead of hooks (I don't wear hooks anymore, spoiled my ears with wearing too heavy earrings)

Littlellama said...

hehehe, I had to search to find the asymmetrical touch :)

Your now earrings almost look like a modern version of your then earrings.