Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fleur fatales give away

hier is ie dan, mijn give-away, en aangezien ik vier onschuldige zieltjes in huis heb, zijn er 4 creaties van mijn hand te winnen (die dan door 4 onschuldige handjes worden uitgeloot!)
Het enige wat je moet doen is een commentaar laten op dit bericht + het juweeltje uit mijn shop vermelden waar je het meest van houdt!
wat kan je winnen:

- een zelfgemaakt groen kaftje met twee collage kaartjes (+ enveloppe)
- een zelfgemaakt oranje kaftje met twee collage kaartjes (+ enveloppe)
-been klein handgebonden polkadot-boekje met handgeschept papier
- een haarband met vilten broche
dit alles van mijn hand.
Mijn give-away loopt tot zaterdag 19 juli. (Geen probleem als je nog nooit een comment gaf, vooruit met de geit :-)
Veel geluk!

Finally I made it,
here is my give-away, it took some time, but all these creations are handmade by me, and I give away at least 4 of them (as I have 4 innocent kids in my house who will be the innocent hand), the only thing you have to do is leave a comment on this blog and say wich item you like the most in my shop.
What can you win
- a handmade green envelop with two of my collage cards
- a handmade orange envelop with two of my collage cards
- a little handbound polkadot notebook with handmade paper (by me)
- a headband with a felted brooch on top
all these things handmade by me :-))
This giveaway will run untill saturday 19th of july,
good luck everyone!


StaroftheEast said...

I LOVE this one:
and the rest of your goodies, hope one of your kids makes me the lucky one :D

Kreativlink said...

I really like this one:


Anonymous said...

Too many pretty things, but I have looked though all you items and this is my favourite:

*crossing my fingers!*

kraplap said...

Hi Fleur, this pin is my favorite:

en ik hoop dat een van die onschuldige handjes mij uitkiest !

Anonymous said...

Hello Fleur,
I've been walking through your garden and I've picked these
There are more flowers to pick to make my favourite bunch, and of course
, I like most the pair of earrings I bought myself ;-)
By the way: the envelopes and collage cards of this post are very very lovely! Happy to see that you have a renewed passion for paper things (they had left your shop...)

glasfaden said...

Fleur, it's so hard to pick only one fave from your beautiful collection. But these are my all time faves ever since I first saw them:
- Pagoda bells earrings
- Free flowers earrings
- luna bloom necklace

limonada said...

WOW! How generous of you!

I like this headband a lot, it's so pretty!

Dina said...

Congrats on the hears and the sales :)

I really like these earrings :

Mitsy / ArtMind said...

Hey Fleur! Congrats with your sales and hearts! I'm not surprised at all, you have a lovely shop! :)
This is my favorite:
Very clever and nicely done! :)

ira said...

You know what I like for my daughter last week fleur, but for meself, it must be this one:

just so unusual!:)

Anonymous said...
That one is one of my favourites...but it's tough to choose. I like it because it's feminine and exotic...and I need a real summer ;)

Unknown said...

Yes Dina, I need a real summer too, that is why I put the song of beirut on my blog, it gave me a summer feeling, don't know why...

vadjutka said...

I love this pink blossom!

And I have to say, that that the polkadot notebook says " I belong to Judit"...dont you hear it? ;-)

Anonymous said...

My favourite is this pair:

It is simple and beautiful in its simplicity.

Anonymous said...

I am crazy about books and felt, what better combo than this :-)

Apol said...

Love all your earrings, but especially this one, fleur:

I wanna win... :)

karlita said...

Hi Fleur, it was hard to choose :) - but these earrings stay my fav:

Anna's Jewels said...

it is so difficult to choose which of you items I like the most but I guess I have to choose.

Queen B. said...

Hmmm, het mooiste uit jouw winkeltje kiezen is HEEEEEEEEL moeilijk. Ik vind alles zo leuk! Maar als ik echt moet kiezen: leaf me not-necklase.


Littlellama said...

When I have to pick one, I would say this one:

Wynd Fyre Designs said...

The sanctuary hoops are my favorites!


Lickety Split said...

Hi fleur,
this was a tough decision since I love everything of yours... but I have narrowed it down to:

Nymphaea adjustable ring

Sweet orange Earrings


aqua luna necklace

X by Leina Neima said...

They all are beautiful but today I can say, these:

Odd Girl Out said...

It's very hard to choose as you have such a beautiful shop and a very good eye for combinations.

I think that if I had to choose it would have to be floating flowers
as they are so simple and really remind me of a lily pad!

birribe said...

I love all your items,

this is my favorite.
I want to be the lucky winner.Hope, hope.

Unknown said...

lovely comments, all these compliments make me blush!

Only two days to go, I will announce the winners on sunday!

ameninabrinca said...

This giveaway is awesome, Fleur. Your shop is full of beautiful things, making it hard to choose! But I would say, the Blue blossom pin - pin your day collection- 2, or the mermaid brooch - pin your day collection- 3. See? I couldn’t choose one.

jealousydesign said...

you have so many beaituful items in your shop but this is one of my favs:

ixela said...

well Fleur I will try to give my favourite... but it is really an herd thing to do... and after many minutes of evaluation... my favourite is:
in this exact moment because if I take another look I would like to chose another one... I would like to have everything at you shop!!!

Anonymous said...

God it IS hard to choose ...
but I guess this would be my pick !

by the way, your give away is really temptng ! i love the postcards ! very graphic :)