Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rose & Thunder

Het thema voor de European challenge was deze week: 'What a man should give to his woman'
Het thema werd aangebracht Daniel van Swedishjewels , één van de weinige mannen inons Europees Team!
Mijn Rose and Thunder necklace is het resultaat.
een halssnoer gemaakt met koraalkralen en een prachtige halfedelsteen (jasper) de ketting is koper, simple but beauty! Te zien in mijn shop!
De twee andere halssnoeren maakte ik voor de tentoonstelling in Brugge, waarover later meer!!!
The thema for the European Challenge this week was: 'What a man should give to his woman' .
Curated by Swedishjewels, one of the few 'guys' we have in our team :-)
The result is my Rose and Thunder necklace.
I combined a gorgeous textured jasper stone with coral beads and a copper hoop.
Well, my man should give it to me, if it weren't for sale in my shop, haha!
The two other necklaces were made for my Exposition in Bruges about which I will blog later.


karlita said...

beautiful, as always:). ha that would be a good one: your hubby buying your necklace in your shop for YOU!

ArtMind said...

I love how you name all your work! These are definately three winners! :)

Star of the East said...

Such beauties, as always :)
And I agree with Art, you name them all very well (one of the hardest things!).

Ravenhill said...

They are lovely as is all of your work. You have a very special touch which is so delightful and delicate!

ingermaaike said...

Little works of art they are!

MGMart said...

They are so beautiful Fleur!

Gunnels blog said...

Hi! Thanks for visit and comment in my blog :-) I really like your blog, wonderful thigs to look at! I will return!

matilou said...

i love these ones !!! the colors are so vibrant !!!