Friday, October 31, 2008

I need a scarf!!!!

Travelling in cloud WRAP SCARF by Laslopezlas

Pale Teal Cowl / Neckwarmer by Phydeaux
Phydeaux is having a give-away contest here.
You can win one of her scarves!!!!!
Crocheted flower scarf by MarianneS

Thick 'n Sketchy Scarf in Clear Blue Sky by Fray

The sea made from mohair by Ingermaaike

Retrovision - white crocheted shawl with flower design by Kindofool

Long Green Drop Stitch scarf by Mokowhandkints
felted scarf/ jewel bright blue with light blue accents by Karlita

Snow in France, Italy, Norway, ....still not in Belgium.
But it is cold, not freezing but really cold.
I definitely need a scarf and where else do I find such a beauties as on Etsy!
Het sneeuwt al in Frankrijk en Italiƫ, hier nog niet, maar t'is toch wel al heel wat kouder,
Ik kan een warme sjaal goed gebruiken nu en waar anders dan op Etsy heb ik zoveel keuze (en ik hoef er de kou niet voor te trotseren :-))


Star of the East said...

Beautiful scarfs, still warm here :)

ingermaaike said...

One can never have too many scarves! Great collection :-)

Meltem said...

I need one too! These are gorgeous!

lillyella, uniquely you said...

ooo - you cant go wrong with any of those!

Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

What great scarf choices! Thank you for including me in this wonderful line up! Can't wait to see who wins my drawing. :)

Heli said...

Which one you'll choose?
They are all beautiful!

kraplap said...

great scarves ! I need a new one too....

iomiss said...

wow, really pretty scarfs!!!!!

Please, visit it!!!!!

(A raffle to celebrate my first birthday)

karlita said...

beautiful selection Greet - i'm very happy to see my scarf here :) Thanks!

ana carina said...

Wonderful picks! I need a scarf too, it's getting cold.. but no snow for us though :) It never snows here..


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Fleur for including my sacrf here, in your lovely blog!!!

♥las lopez♥

Marianne S said...

Great picks! It's getting so cold here that I'll need to wear several of those at same time :)
Thanks so much Fleur for featuring on of my scarves!