Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Silk Diva

My Silk Diva necklace is quite popular in my shop,
one of them was even featured in a saturday shopping list of this blog (guess what: it sold on monday :-))

It's a pleasure making them, felting balls, making silk beads and then finding the ultimate color combination or even combining with stone, precious stone or seed pods.

Can't help it, it's just me liking to work with different materials, mixing and matching,
I can't stuck to one material, one technique, one discipline...
Quite tiring...
Wearing the necklace is a pleasure too, I guess (in fact I know, because I have one for myself)
the felt choker makes it so very lightweight, you just aren't aware of wearing a necklace.
(watch out when you're gonna take a shower!) :-))
Some of the pieces above are available in my shop.


livvy said...

you are a true artist! i love looking at your work and find your blogs inspirational =)

how on earth do u make those felt balls? or is that a secret hehe

ingermaaike said...

I really love these!

kraplap said...

I love the silk beads !

Alessia said...

Hi! Love your jewelry and your creations! Particularly silk diva and cat brooches, so cute!! I'd like to feature some of your pics (of silk diva I think) on my blog, I'm writing a post on felt in jewelry.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Julia said...

Geweldig , wat maak jij prachtige spullen!! Ik vond je blog via etsy.