Thursday, November 13, 2008

Be my Button!

Some days ago, I met a nice lady having the same addiction as me: collecting buttons!!!
I can cherish those little treasures like a child, I like the colors, textures, patterns and forms.
She had a stunning collection: horn, wooden , lucite, plastic, fabric, bakelite....all vintage!!!
She sells them (together with gorgeous fabrics) at the Flee market in Ghent and Brussels.
I found some beauties that I will use as closures for my Silk Diva necklaces, but I had also the idea to make big, bold rings with them!!
If you can't resist vintage buttons too, then go to the blog of another lovely lady, who is also a button addict (and makes stunning jewelry with it), in her blog she tells a lot about the origin of some beautiful buttons.)


Gunnels blog said...

Such a beautiful buttons! I also love that! And fleamarket is great to find vintage buttons

karuski said...

Oh dear, lovely buttons indeed! What a co-incidence that I last night I also blogged about buttons, I love them:D


ingermaaike said...

Wonderful buttons!

Star of the East said...

Great buttons!! We also have boxes full of them :)

Veerle said...

Hoi! Vrijdag al eens een reactie gepost maar die is blijkbaar niet doorgekomen.
Zeker bij Annemie gaan shoppen! De knopen zijn wondermooi, juweeltjes op zich. In je ringen komen ze volledig tot hun recht.
Ik kom ze, je andere werk en jouzelf ;-) bewonderen op de Bazar hoor!

kraplap said...

wow ! What can I say; they are lovely. My personal favourite is the fabric one in the top row in the first picture. I must go and have a look in my own buttons because I am pretty sure I have something similar as that one. And thanks for the link to my blog; I suddenly found so many Belgians were visiting it...