Sunday, December 7, 2008

circle, square and seed

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I like working with real seeds and seed pods lately (as the creations in the first three pics)and combine them with glass beads and semi-precious stones. They mtch perfect with antiqued copper and oxidized silver. I like the natural look and feeling!

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Veerle said...

Supernice and stylish, the necklace with the seed. I also like using seeds sometimes.I recently bought some very nice tubelike red seeds on Etsy.

ArtMind said...

I too like the combinations you use, Fleur! That Diva necklace is SO pretty! :) I think it also combines very well with the felt.

The House of Mouse said...

beautiful creations as always fleur!

karuski said...

Oh, I didn't notice that it's a seed in the first picture, how pretty! How have you painted it? I love the color combinations you use in your creations:)