Sunday, December 21, 2008

The good and the bad

Good news and bad news,
first the bad: I got a fine from the police! I drove to fast : 65 where I had to drive 50!!
Don't dare to say how much this costs me :-((((

But the good news: the postman brought me my secret Santa! all the way from Barcelona!
Yes, yes the one and only Emmapardos was my Secret Santa! And she made me a beautiful wristlet!!!!! There was a yummie surprise inside the wristlet too: a chocolate key!

Thanks a lot Emma, I like it very much! (as I am a bag addict)


ChichiBoulie said...

oh so pretty and that key looks delicious. not often you can say that about a key! :D

antigoni said...

Merry Christmas Fleur!!!
beautiful Santa gift!!!!

Veerle said...

Looks very nice! Bring it along next time we meet, so I can see it in
real life.
Who did you make a gift for?
Who knows, maybe I'll join the club next year ...
Enjoy your holidays!
See you next week?

ArtMind said...

Oh, fines are awful presents! :(
Good you had something to make up for that! What an awesome wristlet! And the chocolate key is supercute too! Thank you Emma for surprising Fleur with your beautiful creations!
Enjoy it, Fleur, it's a beautiful gift! :)

ingermaaike said...

Beautiful and njummie!

Star of the East said...

Bummer about the ticket :(
But your new wrislet is lovely!

Γιώργος said...

Oh lucky you!

Pamela Angus said...

life is all about balance lol! still, your gorgeous new wristlet more than makes up for the bad!!

Kreativlink said...

Wonderful gift! :)

Amanda Yu said...

Sorry for your bad news from the cop but this wrist purse is just so delightful and pretty. :)

glasfaden said...

LOL I thought the key was a rusty one, thought you collect them :D
The wristlet is so pretty!!

Sigmosaics said...

wow, lucky girl!! that's a gorgeous present ... well matched!

merry christmas to you :))))

X by Leina Neima said...

Lovely :)

mia said...

merry chrismas fleur!

taste good the key? look strong chocolate! :)

faraona said...

Ευχομαι απο καρδιας
Καλα Χριστουγεννα και
Ευτυχισμένο τον καινουργιο χρόνο!!!