Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Superman and another Secret Santa!

Tijdens de fotosessie van Mies, wou kleine broer natuurlijk ook op de foto! En natuurlijk op z'n stoerst: dus trui uit en in z'n (superman) hemd gezet!

While taking pics of Mies, little brother wanted to be pictured too, he took off his sweater to show off with his superman shirt! :-))

And yesterday I got another secret Santa!! My blogfriend Veerle sended me this lovely brooch pin, in my favorite colorcombo red and turquoise, it was so beautiful packed! Can't wait till she opens her own Etsy shop!
Have you noticed my new haircut, arggh, a bit too short methinks, :-)

Gisteren bracht de postbode een leuk klein pakje, het kwam uit Gent, ...
Van Veerle natuurlijk en wat een prachtige pin! in mijn favorite kleurencombinatie,
bedankt Veerle, you made my day!


limonada said...

What cute shirt and smile he has!

I love the brooch Veerle gave you *jealously*

And I think you hair looks cute, not short at all!


andee said...

Superboy! :) As cute as his sister!

Kreativlink said...

He's adorable! One can already see on his smile that he will make some girls crazy soon! :)

Kreativlink said...

Oh! And that new haircut looks super! Don't think it's to short!

panyizsuzsi said...

Nice haircut and a great brooch. This guy is cool here. Tell him I said this!

ingermaaike said...

Ah those superman things, I remember my youngest just learning to walk and he had a one piece pj just like your sons shirt. Super cute your children all are!
Your hair looks beautiful, really!
Such fun receiving those unexpected gifts :-)

Mitsy / ArtMind said...

What a supercute superman! You have beautiful kids, Fleur! :)
I have a superman feeling in the pipeline... ;)
Love your haircut and your brooch is lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

Superman's identity revealed!!!
The haircut looks great to me.

Sigmosaics said...

Mies has a gorgeous wee superman brother!! Your haircut is lovely and not too short at all :)) .. gorgeous secret santa gift!

happy new years!

Unknown said...

He looks so sweet! My 4 year old son would kill for this t shirt.
The brooch is beautiful!