Monday, February 9, 2009

African touch

One torn (silk) pair of children trousers and one torn silk scarf make lots of silk beads.
I made another necklace with the beads. I combined this time with horn batik beads from Kenia and Ethiopean silver beads beaded on a (self dyed) silk thread. (from now on in my shop.) clcik on the pictures to go to the shop.

Using these African beads made me think of the fact that no one can beat African people in repurposing and recycling, they are simply the best in it! (have you ever seen the beautiful toys they make out of scrap metal and wood, and look how creative these boys have been in the pic above:-))


ingermaaike said...

The recycled silk has become something very beautiful! It is amazing with how little one can create so much joy.

faraona said...

Very very nice!!!

X by Leina Neima said...

Very elegant!!!

l'actrice said...

Looks fabulous Fleur!