Sunday, February 22, 2009

Haven't had much time this weekend, spend sunday afternoon at my parents in law :-)
When I came home I felt the urge to do something creative , or at least to spend some time on Etsy, mmmm, what a relief....

So I enjoyed making this mosaic, it features my EST challenge entries.

The EST challenge was this time hosted by a lovely friend of mine: Veerle from Nevousinstallezpas. Veerle opened her Etsy shop a few weeks ago, but I know her some time longer.
I met Veerle online. funny Story. I was browsing on internet and tagged with the word Flamenco. My Ethiopean daughter has Flamenco classes and maybe I was looking for shoes or a dress. But I found a flamenco ring, made by Veerle! With the ring I found her blog and website, a while later I followed a crochet course (with Veerle as a teacher) at the Miat museum in Ghent .

Since then we have met several times in real life and we have a lot of creative plans together.
you'll see :-))))
The brooch and the necklace are available in my shop
The beautiful painting is an artwork of Lindstromcommac
The funky illustration Mybirdofhappiness is made by johnwgolden


LeelaBijou said...

When great minds work together, wonderful projects are born! :)

kraplap said...

great story how you met each other ! love such coincidences. Can't wait to see what you will do together.

vadjutka said...

it i beautiful!!!

l'actrice said...

You found a great friend!

jealousydesign said...

What a fun story how you two meet!