Friday, February 6, 2009

Look what hubby brought from Kopenhagen: a very yummie cheese, I wish he brought more of this, maybe one of the Danish girls of the EST knows what kind of Cheese it is?

He brought also some strange chocolate balls, they look yummie , but I am afraid no one here in the house likes it, he will have to eat them himsel :-))

Hubby went to Ebeltoft in Denmark to start a project (in collaboration with University Ghent)with Cheetahs. Ah well, if I had known before.... I thought Cheetahs were apes! (stupid me), hubby says a lot of people do that , it's Tarzan who brought the confusion by giving his ape the name 'cheetah' :-))


Kreativlink said...

All cats of prey are so wonderful, I really like them!
And just in case the chocolate balls stay untouched - ship them to me! ;)

ingermaaike said...

They look so beautiful, always makes me a bit sad to see them caged with not enough space the really stretch the legs.

You dont eat chocolate?

Anna+Lila said...

I love cheetahs! well all cats really!
those chocolate balls do look good to me!

sarah said...

i thought you were going to say he bought you back a cheetah! now that would be one youwouldn't expect!!! your blog is GREAT by the way!

l'actrice said...

I love all sorts of cats but also chocolate!

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Gorgeous cheetahs!
My guess on the cheese is a Havarti with possibly caraway seeds? I fell in love with Danish cheese when I lived there. The Danes know cheese!