Friday, March 13, 2009

my creative workspace

Lots to do today.
taking pics
A friend of mine has an open house next weekend, where she will sell my jewelry,
so I have to create some new pieces and already price them. I take pics of every piece and store them in my flickr account.

As you see I use my trolley as a work bench today. It's fun to travel around in the house and find the must sunny place, quite ecologic too, don't you think?
Find some other creative workspaces on Kotooyoo's blog.


Kreativlink said...

I think that photo gives exactly the same feeling as the beautiful pieces in your shop. It all fit's together in you own style.

fel4u said...

I am sure you are going to ave a lot of sales in your friends open house!
Good luck!

Star of the East said...

The benck with wheels is pretty need, your house looks lovely!

Star of the East said...

I ment bench, not benck
and need should be neat
LOL :)

Sigmosaics said...

you have everything set up so nicely .. and tidily! I wish mine looked this good :)

good luck for the open house sales i'm sure you will be a hit with your creations!

vadjutka said...

it is so beautiful and tidy...not like mine :-)

matchstickgirl said...

oooo nice looks like a good place to be !!!

Kirsty said...

The trolley is fabulous!

21 said...

I could use a trolley, I mostly work on the floor or at the table.

Veerle said...

Again, a super idea of yours!
(In the meantime I also started using the package of apples to arrange my beads and threads while working on a piece).