Thursday, March 19, 2009

My creative workspace

lots, lots, lots of work today (and the past few days)

A desk full of packages to send all over the world!

A desk full of jewelry boxes for the OPEN DOOR weekend (this weekend at a friend of mines) for information see the blogpost here.

and jipeee, there was a package in my postbox, no it's not yet the secret bunny, but it reallymade my day and will make the day of some else too I think!
(look at the cute cute drawing on the envelop :-)
I'll show it in my blogpost tomorrow!
If you want to see other creative workspaces today, just hop over to Kotooyoo's blog!


kraplap said...

lovely boxes with the jewelry !

Veerle said...

Voor zo'n productie heb ik weeeeeeken nodig. Maar mijn werktafel ligt ook al veel te vol zonder doosjes ;-))

vadjutka said...

the pic of the boxes for the open door weekend is very impressive!

Maureen said...

You have been busy! Well done. Oh yes, there's nothing quite like a packet in the mail. We're all such children about that, aren't we? The good kind of childlike i.e.

Michelle M said...

WOW your jewellery looks beautiful and unique and especially looks impressive in the boxes.

Michelle said...

Your jewellery is stunning. Good luck with the open weekend.

21 said...

Wow, busy girl!

Kirsty said...

All those boxes look wonderful.

Miss Frugality said...

I love your fibre jewellery - and so does everyone else by the look of how many packages you are sending out!