Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Shopping list with a vintage touch

I planned to go to a sale of vintage stuff with my blog friendVeerle, we promised each other to have a cup of coffee and a chat afterwards.

You can imagine my disappointment when I stood up this morning and found a little note from hubby that he already left for a lecture in Utrecht. He totally forgot to tell me before!!!
I could not find a babysitter, but Maia (the eldest) was willingly to look after the little kids
and I promised her to keep in touch with my mobile.

So far so good, I went to Ghent and did some quick vintage shopping with Veerle, but we could not have our cuppa, as I did not wanted to leave the kids alone for long...
So Veerle, we'll enjoy that cup next saturday and have yummie muffin surplus !!! :-)

I bought some awesome vintage treasures (will show the later) to make future creations.
And this explains why my Saturday shopping list is all about vintage or stuff created with vintage findings. Do browse the shops of these artists, they have the most beautiful things :-)
- blue flower frame pouch (with vintage fabrics) by Karuski

Do you want to see some more Saturday shopping: find the list of other bloggers who make Saturday lists in the right sidebar of Charlotte's blog.


Heli said...

It's good to have big enough kids to look after the little ones :)

There is always next week....

blossom said...

i love the hair pins - off to check them out on etsy now......
take care, sharon x

fel4u said...

You are so lucky you have a responsible daughter who can babysitting her younger sisters and brothers!
The hair pins are GORGEOUS !!
I loved them!!

Kayla coo said...

Hello Fleur,
Thank you for visiting.
You have found some great items here.
Michala x

Star of the East said...

Such a romantic and lovely shopping list!

vadjutka said...

After snow, mud and wet socks (=trekking) I really appreciate this soft and feminine collction. Well, I appreciate it always :-)

Annie's Studio said...

I love your work! It's colorful and joyful!


creationsbyeve said...

lovely finds!The brooch is gorgeous!

Grammatically Delicious Designs said...

Great Saturday picks. I'm a mom of four two, but an English teacher, not a designer. I have a completely out of control life that I love and have begun blogging. Come see me some time.


Grammatically Delicious Designs said...

Oh, goodness. I just realized I used the wrong to/two/too in my comment. That is not very English teacher like! Yikes.

Danielle, again.

Anonymous said...

Your Maia is a very good and responsible big sister and great finds u got there!

Veerle said...

See you next Saturday!
I already used some of my vintage silk yarn!
Love the vintage selction btw

karuski said...

Thank you for featuring my little pouch in your list!

I wish a nice & refreshing meeting with your friend next weekend:)


'fancypicnic' said...

This is a gorgeous selection!! Just lovely - I want them all!

I am loving your photocollages, by the way xx