Thursday, April 2, 2009

presents to craft with...

A few days ago it was my Birthday, it was a day full of surprises, some of them I'll share here with you.

First of all, I got many wishes by convo (trough Etsy), thanks a lot for that girls!!

My brother came all the way from China, picked up my mother and brought me a yummie strawberry pie. Can't show any pics because the kids were already eaten it while I was chatting with Apple 'the Chinese girlfriend of my brother who was in Bejing (My brother brought also a webcam).

A sweet crochet lady gave me a beautiful packed surprise box!
Full, (she knows me too well!) :-) (in the box were some original beads and a scrap pack with gorgeous Japanese paper! I already used the beautifull red vulcano coral beads in a new design! Thanks a lot Veerle! (find her blog here.)

It seems like hubby wants me me to pick up my crochet needles again :-) (He gave me some gorgeous yarn and a crochet book)

The last big (and very unexpected) surprise was that I won the Give-away contest of the Rik Rak shop from Canada, Ottowa! Discover more about the very talented Kristal and her creative life here, because she was featured seller on Etsy!!! Find her beautiful blog here.

She has beautiful creations and makes designs for more the 60 galleries, boutiques and shops.

I 'll show you soon what I chose from her shop!!


ana carina said...

Yayyyy!! Great presents and surprises!
happy belated b-day Greet!


Veerle said...

You're welcome!
Did your hubby buy this all in his own??? Wow!

It could be a good idea to develop your own crochet style.Crocheting brings rest .. Maybe it would be good to have, apart from your jewellery, something that takes more time, and does not have to be in the shop right away. A real hobby so tho say ...

fleurfatale said...

hehe, Veerle, it's a thin line between hobby and Etsy....

fleurfatale said...

and thanks for the wishes Nanouke!

vadjutka said...

oh, oh...those japanese papers....and that rik-rak pack is gorgeous! very lucky ... and loved :-)

Grammatically Delicious Designs said...

The box of presents will be on its way tomorrow. I had to get to the store to buy one special item. There is something for the kids too. I hope you all love it. Time to get excited!


St├ęphanie Kilgast said...

Oooh wooow! Now Im' jealous! (and I really shouldn't actually)
But sooo many gorgeous supplies! How perfect!

I can't crochet at all, but I'm willing to try :D


LeelaBijou said...

Oh wow, how many surprises and happy events! Happy Birthday, btw :)