Thursday, May 7, 2009

My creative workspace today

I am working on my 'silk Diva necklaes' a combination of felt and repurposed silk handmade beads.
Available in my shop and still FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING ;-)
Click on the pics to go to the shop

Find more creative workspaces on Kytoyoo's blog!

Meron shows her homemade birthday sweeties cake! (I'll post a tutorial soon)


antigoni said...

Beautiful fleur!!!
Do you mean that she made the cake all by her self..????...!!!!!
it's beautiful!!!

BlueTerracotta said...

Oh the cake is really great! Wow, your daughter is talented. Bravo!

ingermaaike said...

That is a super njmmie cake and I love these necklaces!

Chichiboulie said...

I love the greys and orange together. So lovely.

And WHAT A CAKE!!! That's fabulous!

c.raf.t said...

Gorgeous colors!
And this cake...mmm..looks so yummy I can't wait for the tutorial!(actually only the stomach/eye part of my belly and tights are not so happy to know how to make it!)

vadjutka said...

that cake is hilarous! I want one as well...can you lend your daughter for me in October? :-)

kraplap said...

wow that's an amazing cake !
Wat een mooie taart, en zo groot !

Elisa said...

The cake is magical and your new necklaces are gorgeous! Love the color and design.

Ravenhill said...

Wow, that is the most amazing cake!!! I can't believe my eyes! Such delight!!

La Pomme said...

happy birthday, meron! and pass me some sweeties, please :)