Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scraps of maps

Lately I found a big box of old world, city and roadmaps at my parents. My father collected them for years , but since he passed away a few years ago, this box is there,... unopened...
These world maps have such great patterns of lines and color spots and they are just to cool to throw away. I am sure everyone has lots of them, and could use some ideas to get rid of them ... Or let us say: to repurpose them!
So I browsed through Etsy for some ideas.
I could use them in my jewelry or make cool gift tags for my packaging, too many possibilities, now what to choose????

Click on the pics to go to the shops and find out about the prices, all these handmade goodies are perfect for an original gift (father's day for instance...)

Japan earrings by Ktwigs31

Tiny enveloppes by Zany

Bracelet made of vintage maps and Scrabble tiles by Hocusfocus
Atlas Bange Bracelet by SoitsGray

Aceo Kandscape N°5 by Annarubyking

World Atlas Bowl by Bombus

Perfect gift for fathers Day by HocusFocus

What about re-using Undeerground maps... by ideaka

cufflinks for daddy by Dlkdesigns

Custom Destination Vintage Map Necklace. Choose Your Location. By Cherrytruitt

Road Map Wallet by Kelsodeosntdance

Vintage French Map Love Birds by Cottonbirddesigns

White map hearts gift card by Bombus

The 50 States Project - Nebraska by Betastic

Tasman Sea Jotter by ariandmayadesigns


Nicole said...

Great post - I really liked that Atlas bowl, among other things. The cuff links were really cool as well. You've had some really good ideas with upcycling your father's maps. I'm sure he would be proud.

Star of the East said...

I love maps so I love all these finds!

fel4u said...

All the ideas are great !! Maps especially old ones are giving you many possibilities for beautiful creations !!

ArtMind said...

I heart maps! I love this post & think you found so many claver map-items!

vadjutka said...

I love map-jewelry, and everything with maps! Please, make me a bangle with maps :-) You could make Hungary and Belgium neigbouring countries :-)

ingermaaike said...

So cool these maps!

BlueTerracotta said...

All these items made with maps are great gift ideas! I can't wait to see what lovely things you make with yours!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

A map makes me instantly curious--I want to know where I am, and I love all these items--fantastic post!

Veerle said...

Great! Maps are indeed beautiful supplies.
Why don't you make paper beads again? Let you inspire by the colours, the culture, the materials, the scents .... of the piece of map you're using.

kraplap said...

great picks ! I love maps too

Zany said...

Wow! What a great collection! So many wonderful ideas! I love the map love birds.
Thanks for including my tiny envelopes.

soitsgray said...

Thanks for including my bangle bracelets!

These are all great finds.

I hope you come up with something great too!

APO (Bem-Trapilho) said...

beautiful ideas! :)