Friday, June 26, 2009

COOL hot summer!

Hot days here in Belgium. Well, it was about time!
Within a week the it's summer holidays for the kids: two full months!!
And what can be more fun then playing outside with a lovely sun and a coling breeze! Yay!

Maybe these hot temperatures made me create some more 'cool' stuff, don't know, just want to show my new designs here, they are are already in my shop!

- Silk Lady necklace 29 USD
- Organic earrings 22 USD
- Japanese garden earrings 19 USD
- Silk twin necklace 29 USD


ira said...

gorgeous new collection fleur!

ingermaaike said...


Kreativlink said...

Lovely new pieces!

RitaJC said...

Wonderful creations although not for me!

Beck said...

The flower necklaces are gorgeous! I'm glad for you that you have warm it is cold and grey. Just a little note,when I was 12 I had a penfriend from Belgium, Dendermonde. He was a sweetie and I was a teeny bit in love with him! I still have all his letters...I wonder what he is doing now? x

jealousydesign said...

I really like the twin flower necklace! and like always you have so pretty colourcombos in your work!