Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Feet

1. sitting, 2. Untitled, 3. harlequin_clutch, 4. bla bla

Just back from biking to the postoffice,
the weathers is so nice and it gives me a happy feeling!

It made me make a Happy Feet flickr collection today!

I am happy:
- because it's almost summer holidays
- these schoolyear went very well for the kids
- that I don't have to take the car to go to my work, just bike to Post Office!
- with my new collection 'Colliers de Papiers' that I made lately
- with all the new ideas bubbling in my head...


vadjutka said...

Lovely collage!

Did you meet these wonderful paper beads?

I bijoux dello Stregatto said...

Very nice!

ArtMind said...

Hey Fleur, I love your happy feet treasury!
Just like you, I'm so happy to not have to take the car anymore! I love working from home and biking everywhere I need to go! :)
Unfortunately the links to the pictures don't work. Is there a mosaic in your Flickr too? I'll go check there then! :)

fleurfatale said...

Thanks to let me know Mitsy, it's fixed now!

karuski said...

Beautiful mosaic Greet! And thanks for including my little clutch there too.

I'm so happy to hear the school year ended well with your children. I try to make moves towards vacation mood as well. It's hard as a crafter, don't you think?!


karlita said...

and i'm just happy reading this story :)

ps geen zin om je samen met veerle in te schrijven voor de komende edities van de beparkte oplage?