Friday, July 3, 2009

Cherry time

We are lucky to have a little monkey in the house who picks the cherries from the highest branch!

And today I just want to show some new creations. They are already in my shop!
(click on the pictures to go to the shop) !
And I will soon blog about what inspired me to create them :-)


Marjanne said...

Lucky you with your cherrytree, we've got two but the bird are quicker than us, and we don't have a little monkey... your earrings are awesome!!!

MGMart said...

So cute :)
My kids was picking cherry too on Monday, from my son's friend's trees. I made some yummy cherry jam from it yesterday, will make a post about it today.
I love your earrings, they look so beautiful, like everything else you create!!

vadjutka said...

beautiful new earrings!
I love this new style.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I love the picture of your daughter in the tree--she looks so adventuresome! And your earrings are gorgeous! I love your inspirations!!!


Wonderful chery you are very lucky.

S and O productions said...

You have your own little cherry picker that's so cute! Pretty earrings pretty Etsy shop too:)