Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summertime = Flea market time

Pink rose ring (in my shop now)
I found some real cute doll furniture on a flea market, I already had the little cupboards, but could now supplement my collection with a cute heart chair and an even more cute rocking chair :-)
You see I could not wait to use them in my pictures, they give the perfect vintage look I want!
I am really pity I can't do more thrifting... Summertime is the ideal time for flea markets, but when I go with the kids they get bored after 10 minutes, ... while I could stay there for hours!
Minna from Karuski alos blogged about her flea market finds, go here to read about it!

And as you see, I am halfway pimping my felted cats! I hope to make much more these days, (thinking of the fairs I am going to attend :-) It's fun making them, I will give them each a name, if you have suggestions, just drop them in your comment :-)


vadjutka said...

cute new stunts!

and I see one more cat calling my name!!! the red she Ginger? pls, pls I waant her!

LeelaBijou said...

So lovely cats!! Very cute :)

Stéphanie Kilgast said...

Oooh dollhouse furniture I'm green with envy! :) So adorable!

I mostly can't use the furniture I have, as my work really needs some close up ah well, can't have anything right?

And I still love my little blue cat :) He's on my bag and always with me :)

Good luck at the coming fair!

Joanna Kopijczuk said...

Oh yes, that's for sure! The black one with the green eyes it's Simon! :) Greatings from Poland!

Heidi said...

greet, als je gek bent op rommelmarkten dan moet je eens het eerste weekend van september naar Lille (Rijsel) gaan: de hele stad is dan één rommelmarkt met verschillende thema's. Je neemt wel best de kinderen NIET mee! Het loopt er vol met Nederlanders, Britten, Duitsers,... echt heel bekend én tof!
groetjes, Heidi

ArtMind said...

I love to see all these cats lined up! Can't wait to see them at the fair! :)