Thursday, September 17, 2009

My friday night outfit

Once upon a time long fairy necklace by Fleurfatale
Havana Dress by Flowersun
Large Vegan Shoulder Bag in Black and Cloud Grey by Pansymaiden
Black leather GOLO calf boots--RARE vintage Italian 60s 70s by dahlilafound

Time for another Friday Night outfit. A bit dark this time, a bit mysterious, why not? :-)

Oh, how I wish this dress and these accessories were already in my wardrobe!
Ok, I admit, the days are getting colder, but I bet the black dress would look lovely combined with a crocheted shrug. find some awesome shrugs here.
I love boots, and that is what I like a lot in autumn and winter: the wearing of boots!
I got this International Shoe Size Conversion Charts from Mitsy aka Artmind (another shoes addict) to make it easy to shop your shoe size online.


vadjutka said...

Looks gorgeous, very elegant!

karuski said...

Very nice! It's good that the boots season is starting again. Have a lovely evening off today, enjoy!

Star of the East said...

Awesome outfit!

alteaperle said...

Lovely dark outfit!

ingermaaike said...

Very snazzy outfit, you'd look totally scrumptious!

Dina Fragola said...

I totally would wear that! And I think those boots are my size...