Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy customers

I am always superhappy when I get a lovely feedback from a customer.

and reading these blogposts really made me blush!:
Carmens Beads


vadjutka said...

YAY for the cat brooches! :-)

(Violet Cat and I have a suprise for you...)

Carmenesque said...

You absolutely deserve this love, Greet :))

beck said...

Well done, hope you enjoy the praise, you deserve it!! Hava a lovely day xo

Maria "Two's Ruse" said...

it's great really! You give me inspiration for becoming better and doing more than expected. I adore the completeness of your style and overall fluid harmony. The colors of background, the style of packaging, the design of card and gift certificates... and all these little "surprises" for the customers! It's priceless, it's worth every penny to make people so happy as you do!