Friday, October 9, 2009

My Friday Night Outfit

Yesterday evening I made my first nuno felted scarf!
I think I did well for my first attempt! I was very happy the scarf was dry this morning so I could put it on biking the kids to school. Hubby said he liked the 'tree' colors (boomkleuren.
I followed nuno felting workshop at Karwij, in my neighbourhood, unfortunaltely I forgot to take my camera, so you can only see the result. (meer workshops van Karwij vindt je hier.) De lesgeefster was Linda Dhont van Elledee.

I found some cool accessories to go with my scarf:
La Feuille Noire by Fleurfatale
moss & purple nuno felted scarf by fleurfatale
Eva- framed tweed evening bag (on Sale) by CuriosityKilled
River Flow Ring by Glasfaden


viltk said...

great first attempt!!! You are talented!!

kraplap said...

the scarf looks gorgeous Greet !

vadjutka said...

Looks great, keep doing it!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

What a wonderful scarf! Sooo soft!

Emily said...

You are so incredibly talented! As I have said before everything you do comes out beautifully! Wow, amazing first nuno felted scarf. You look lovely wearing it.

glasfaden said...

A lovely scarf, Greet! Beautiful colors. Thank you for the love ^_^
Happy weekend to you and your family! *hugs*

Veerle said...

Ge ziet er een echt model uit! en de sjaal is ook leuk ;-)