Thursday, November 12, 2009

My creative space

A little bit back to business today, well, I hope so..., cause I have a terrible
headache! I must say it's kinda solved already,took some chocolate and did some online shopping, yes! that can cheer you up!

ok, my creatieve space today!

My gift certificates arrived (cadeaubonnen!) they look very good!
You can buy them online but poeople from Belgium can order them also by sending me an e-mail: (if you have questions about how it works, then send me an e-mail to, I will be pleased to explain you!)

Lately I bought me a filepin , there is also a little benchblock so I can use it for hammering. I plan to invest in a workbench and a torch, I feel I want to practice the things I learn in metal classes at home....

I have struggled some time with tagging my textile necklaces. As you know I sell them in some off-line shops too, and I find it important to hang a tag on them, whit my shop name and the price. But now I found these beauties and I am reallly happy with them!!!

In my search I found the most beautiful tags! Very usefull for giving a personal touch to your handmade creations! (or to hang on your holiday presents)
- some ideas
- stamp your shop name on it
- add a lovely note to the buyer
- stamp 'Thank You' on it
- or leave it blank, so the buyer can you it as a notecard to give the present
punch a little hole in them and choose a beautiful ribbon in the same colorshade.

by Lowfidelity

by Lilithevy

by Kapara

by sweetbeets

by Sarahsupplies

by Annarubyking

by Stuffmart

by Maythird

by petitepapeterie

by Whimsicalpaperdot

by jollyjenniffer

find some other creative spaces on kotooyoo's blog.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I love this blogspot! Tags are so important, and I'm working on mine :-) Greet, I'm excited to see your workbench when you get it!

vadjutka said...

gorgeous pricetags....but I have a question.
why dont you make your own? I mean if you have beautiful gift certificates, and you are a graphic designer - so you dont have to spend money on designing :-) ...and digital printing on a 180-200 g paper is not a big deal, they can even cut it for (Well, that is what I did: I ordered 200 something tags - they fitted on 4-5 pieces of A4 paper...costed something like 20-30 EUR)

Kaja said...

I totally agree with the tagging problem. And I see that you've got excellent taste! That last tag from JollyJennifer.... it is on its way home to me, accompanied by some "friends"...

karuski said...

I love beautiful tags and I like to think they are part of the item. Nice ideas!

Kuutydruk said...

Gorgeous tags and thanks for tips!

Anonymous said...

brilliant idea to share with us on the tags. great finds & thank you for sharing! it is indeed very important to have them offline, and of course online too when you send them. I am very eager to see your new workbench!

glitterbygrammie said...

I have not thought about tags. I have an etsy shop and a blog.I do open houses. I love all these tags. Thanks for the idea.

Barbara said...

thanks for tips!

Star of the East said...

wonderful tag facts :)