Friday, November 6, 2009

My Friday Night Outfit

felted pebbles in turquoise cascade necklace By Fleurfatale
Hand knit fingerless gloves - Cascade - Denim Blue (XS/S/M) by Blackmustard
Wavelength - Hand knit wool lace beret in Peacock blue by Blackmustard
Legwarmers by Smallpackagess

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Not going anywhere this evening.
I guess me and the three kids will make it cosy tonight. Watching a series togheter and me doing some crochet meanwhile (it's time I start with the hat for Mies, remember the lovely yarn I bought!)
On Fridays the kids get some chips and lemonade. (and mummy a glass of wine and some tapas) As we don't have those things the rest of the week, this is always like a little party for the kids.

Today our babysit is coming and heading to the swimmingpool with my little ones, so I hope to finish my bold African necklaces and post the pictures of the result here soon! (Need to find a collection name for them, because I have ideas to make a bunch of them)
And the postman brought me a very sweet and lovely package today, but that's for another blogpost!


Kreativlink said...

"Not going anywhere" is my favorite thing :) Beautiful picks and a great plan for the evening.

Nauli said...

Hi, I like your picks very much!

Veerle said...

Naam voor je collectie?
'African Diva's' is al bezet ;-))
Ga eens op zoek naar een Afrikaans (Ethiopisch misschien) woord voor kraal, snoer, vrouw, kleur, ....

Barbara said...

lovely evening plan!!!