Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wide awake

pfff, Insomnia, I hate it!
One of the kids woke me up very early this morning, she is back to sleep, but my head is spinning and I can't sleep anymore!
This is the most early blogpost I ever wrote!

Lately I finished some more necklaces in the African Touch collection, a few are already listed in my shop!
A mix of
- Ethiopean silver beads
- handfelted wool pebbles
- Silk beads from repurposed ties
- recycled distressed wooden beads

find them here in my shop


vadjutka said...

ooh, that orange silk bead is so beautiful...very tempting!

Wezz said...

Nice work!! Do you felt your own beads?? I'm impressed...


anapina said...

They are absolutely fabulous!
Love the mix of beads and colors :)

Monica said...

Beautiful and inspiring pieces! Hope you get some rest :)

Clair said...

They're beautiful and I love the recycled tie beads. So creative!