Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flickr Favorites: the darkest days...

1. Whirl-it Lampshade, 2. yellow lampshade, 3. postit lamp, 4. Monkey print lampshade by Lush Designs

Created with fd's Flickr Toys
It's this time of the year: the darkest days!
Why not enjoy them and relax on the couch with a hot cuppa chocolate, a good book and the charming cosy light of lampshades :-)

Making this Mosaic, I realised I did not yet blog about the lampshades of my friend Laurence who exposed her collection of lampshades some time ago at our 'openhouse' in Bruges. I Made some pictures, but gosh, it was difficult to capture her beautiful handmade lampshades in a picture. Her work is very 'graphical', no wonder, because she is a graphic designer!
Enjoy the pictures!

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vadjutka said...

beautiful mosaic, and your friend's flat is so pretty!

ArtMind said...

I love the lampshades you chose & the one from your friend is really special and unique! :)

Swiedebie said...

Wow... beautiful shades!
Your friend's designs are cool!

hande bilten said...

so beautiful..

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Your mosaic makes me want to turn on every lamp in the house! Beautiful finds--and your friend's lampshades are to die for!