Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haiti Relief

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I could not be on the sideline in this, so from now on I will donate 10 % of the profits of my sales to the Haiti rebuilding project, In belgium this is Haiti 1212.
My two eldest girls saw the 1212 Haiti show on TV last thursday and they wanted to do someting too, one of our adoption friends Jamesson is from Haiti and he was a guest in the TV studio to tell about his biologial family in Haiti. So we really feel connected!
So my kids sended me to groceries for chocolate and cornflakes and on friday eve they made a pile of chocolate rocks. On sunday they sold them in the neigbourhood and earned 45 Euro, entirely for aid to Haiti! I love my kids!


Kreativlink said...

Your kids are fantastic!

Monica said...

Your kids are so sweet and have obviously taken after you with your warm and caring heart. :)

vadjutka said...

kisses for your kids!

Annelies De Becker said...

Fantastisch. Ik ging me inhouden, maar nu ik dit lees zal ik nog eens een kijkje gaan nemen in je winkel. Je ketting staat trouwens op de voorpagina van Etsy!

matilda said...


Anonymous said...

wonderful kids! they will certainly be good adults too!

Ps: I like very much your jewelry and your blog

Federica, from Italy

juditsd said...

wonderful kids! And beautiful blog!:)

Tea said...

Dear Fleurfatale,
when I've told to my kids what your kids have done for Haiti, Agnese the youngest has soon decided to do the same (Francesco is too shy for this)! This afternoon Agnese has cooked some muffins (with my little help, she's only seven) and gone to offer them to our neigbourhood with a great success: she has earned 30 euro for Haiti!!....and now she feels very important because she has been able to help someone! Thank you for inspiring us!
Tea (Italy....your blog is one of my favourites!)