Sunday, January 31, 2010

more snow... and my weekend wish/work list

Again a snowy weekend here in Belgium.
I took the picture yesterday, but as I am writing this post, the snow is almost gone, melted away by te warmth of a beautiful sun this morning.

So what about my weekend wish/work list:

- Not to forget: laundry, laundry, laundry....
- Watching the movie 'Chocolat' with Maia, my eldest.
- doing some shopping with Veerle on sunday afternoon

The weekend was pretty busy, mister hubby in Barcelona and me driving kids from gym to music and dance lessons.
But I did find some time to work on a new order.
I made new 'Colliers de Papiers' with summer in my mind. Look how I repurposed these fashion pictures into pretty shiny color necklaces.
(take a peek at some more wish lists on Karuski's blog.)


matilda said...

Great colour! I love to wear it with turquoise and red.

kraplap said...

I love those paper beads Greet. Next time I come to Maastricht, I will take some extra days to visit you all; then you can learn me how to make them .....

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I love your photots, your inspiration, and your socks!

karuski said...

Beautiful necklaces!

We still have lots of snow here and more is coming. We were in Helsinki last night and so many car parking spots on the street were impossible to use because of big piles of snow. A bit crazy I think... Thanks for sharing your weekend wishes, always nice to hear what people are up to. I hope you enjoyed shopping with Veerle!


vadjutka said...

I love your skirt and tights!
This photo insipred me to take a similar photo of my leg in the snow...I will put it on my blog soon :-) :-)

Trishia said...

Love the necklaces -- I would have never guessed they were made from fashion pages! How beautiful!