Sunday, January 24, 2010

more time, more sleep...

Weekend wishlist
(find some other weekend wishlists on Karuski's blog)

Only two things on my wishlist: more time and more sleep.
(I had two terrible nights (with too less sleep), I feel a wreck:-()

Last week:
I've been busy with orders(remember the recycled paper necklaces!)
made a bunch of Japanese garden earrings,
finally did some sales shopping in town (in a hurry)
bought these in olive green.
saw this 'moving' theatre play
catched up with a friend I had not seen for months
tried to find a nice holiday-place for this summer vacation

I truly wish I had more time to practice my metal class skills.
Hm, I need to investigate in some more tools too, and these are not cheap,...
I've been soldering lots of rings (little ones, bigger, copper, silver).
and I already assembled one pair of earrings with some rosey copper rings, I like the quirky rough touch of the rosey copper, a lovely contrast with the translucent aqua/teal/mint color of the agate stones.
Te earrings are in my shop now.
A matching necklace is on it's way!


Antico Valore said...

oh, great ... you made a lot of things, i think!
I also need more more more sleep...


karuski said...

I hope you'll soon get more sleep, too little is not good at all:(

I checked those boots you just bought, they are just too sweet and olive green sounds so you! I want too!

The video wasn't available there... but I'm happy you saw the live version:)


Clerk said...
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matilda said...

Love the idea of using two colours in the same pair. Sea earrings!

fleurfatale said...
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