Thursday, January 14, 2010

My creative workspace

I decided to hop over, once in a week, to the thriftshop.
It's fun finding cool things that I can upcycle! I like the idea very much of giving a new life to thrown away stuff! and it's amazing how a color, a form or a texture of a find can give new inspiration :-)

so I turned home with:
- a book with linen cover O.50 Euro
That I used right away in my little improvised photo studio! This brand new Japanese earrings pair is in my shop already

- a vintage Children's book: Alice in Wonderland O.50 Euro
A little ceramic milkpot with nostalgic print of roses O.50 Euro
I'll show you later what I am up to, with these finds!

and a silk tie...
The silk tie already changed form:

I learned the technique (of making silk beads) from my dear friend Veerle from Nevousinstallezpas.
added some Ethiopean stilver beads, a beautiful turquoise stone, a verdrigris filigree bead, and handmade pure copper rings to make this beauty!

The Jimma necklace is in my shop right now!

find more of my upcycled thrifts here.


Anonymous said...

i've given you a blog award! pls see my blog for more details...

Veerle said...

Ik vind dat jij dat heel goed doet: de boodschap (hergebruik), de inspiratie, .. .van je ontwerpen combineren met het commerciƫle!

Een uiterst geslaagde combinatie overigens, dit snoer!

LeelaBijou said...

Really great what you came up with with these finds! And gorgeous necklace :)

Vilt Ć  la Kim said...

Zo verslavend niet? die kringloopwinkels.... Mijn man laat mij er niet graag naartoe gaan, hihihi (Kom ik met veel te veel spullen terug, hihi)

zsazsazsu said...

Prachtig ! Hele mooie kleuren.

zsazsazsu said...

Prachtige kleurencombinaties en materialen.

cri-cri said...

tsa greet, zitten we weer op hetzelfde spoor ... net je mailtje gelezen, mail terug deze week...en maar recycleren dus :-)

CrowNology said...

Great post and ideas!

ArtMind said...

Superlovely finds, Fleur! Can't wait to see what you are up to with the other things that you got!
Those beads from the tie are great!
We have a thriftshop around our corner. I walk in there too little but you inspired me! :)

vadjutka said...

hehehe, I love the way you repurposed that tie :-)