Saturday, January 9, 2010

what the postman brought me...

I love shopping handmade, and during the Christmas sale rush, I spoiled myself a bit with some pretty things that were already some time on my wishlist.
I love the work of Amsterdam based Designer Leililaloo,I simply adore the way she combines her illustration talent and her knitting skills. Her world of Polkadots, flowers, teapots, colors, houses, stools,... brings me in a happy moody! (find her blog here.)
Look what I bought!
In fact this is a necklace, I love the illustration, the long legs and the red pumps! I use it now to decorate, but I know one day I'll wear it on a lovely sexy dress , watch me!

And sweet Dana added again a nice surprise: A handprinted, fabric brooch: I am very happy with it, although my face does not show that on te picture :-))

if you want to know what I got from Dana somet ime ago, read here.


karuski said...

How sweet treats, perfectly your style Greet! Have a lovely weekend!

ingermaaike said...

Very fun indeed!

A bit of spoiling now and again is very good :-D

Star of the East said...

Those are gorgeous!
p.s. there is an award for you, come and pick it up :)

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Gifts a fun ways of living the moment! These are beautiful!

Michelle said...

Oh, lucky Girl you are,
wish I did spoil myself like that,

Leililaloo said...

Dear Greet, you are just tooooooooo incredibly kind about the package and my work, thank you very much!!!!