Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What the postman brought me

I've been busy all day with lots of new things!
As you may know, I am following Silversmith classes since september.
It's not always easy to drive half an hour each monday evening to my classes, but I am so motivated and I like it so much that I don't mind the distance.
I bought my own torch yesterday and I've been practising a lot! Tis opens so many new ways for me! First some tries with copper... and then I finished a pair of silver earrings I am very excited about! They need to be sanded now and polished and then I'll take pics (iff the weather allows it) tomorrow.
Keep an eye here, I will post my new handsoldered earrings soon!

The past weeks the postman had so much suprises for me, some of them unexpected :-) I will show them all one by one, the following weeks. Be sure to take a peep from time to time :-)

This is a package I got from my sweet creative friend Veerle (Nevousinstallezpas)! I really have to show you the beautiful packaging too: a delight to get a present in such a sweet package!

In the package was one of her 'Lariats' a silk crocheted bead combined with an ethiopean silver bead and african trade beads. Beautiful!
thanks so much dear Veerle! A toast on our creative and inspiring friendship


ArtMind said...

Beautiful lariat! And the packaging is divine!
Can't wait to see your first soldered earrings! Isn't it fantastic to have a new toy? Enjoy! :)

karuski said...

Lovely package and lariat! She was definitely thinking of you with the gift wrap:)

vadjutka said...

beautiful necklace! pdrooling*

and I am very courious about your silver designs...

ingermaaike said...

Oh I so wish I would have taken the metal work class before taking off to the middle of no where..There is a smithy here and a local siversmith who makes amazing things, maybe I can talk them into teaching me one day :-D

The necklace sure is a beaut!

Veerle said...

When will we toast in real???

Kreativlink said...

Can't wait to see what you do with your torch! :)

Antico Valore said...