Friday, February 19, 2010

Magical candy

Yesterday I had a shopping afternoon with my two eldest girls.
And of course we just had to drop by at one of their (and my) fav shops.
I could not resist these old fashioned 'old Dutch' sweets there!

Everything at Hema is always so beautiful packed and designed. I am not surprised that there are so much talented designers in the Netherlands, I guess it's in the genes over there! (or is there a possibility I can be affected with the Dutch Design virus too, when eating these magical sweets) :-))))


Kreativlink said...

I think you need the sweets only for the fun and taste of it. You ARE full of super design magic already :D

Saskia said...

Hihi... ik word altijd zo vrolijk van 'n bezoekje aan Hema... al die vrolijke kleurtjes!
... Geniet van de snoepjes, maar talent heb je al hoor! :)

Groetjes, Saskia :)

fel4u said...

Oh !!! my son is next to me and he loved these sweets.Can I buy them on line Greet? hehehe I am joking :)
Beautiful colors and shapes ♥