Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dirty job

Days are too short.
well, you know,
my big family
and a head full of ideas.
So, slowly I am making progress in my metalsmith work.

and, well,
it is a dirty job,
the sewing, filing and sanding does definitely not good to my nails and hands,
but I love it,
and nice things come out! :-)

I will keep you posted!


vadjutka said...

ooh, what is this? it looks great - even with dirty hands :-)

karuski said...

Yeah, who would believe what it takes to make a beautiful piece! Even though sewing is not that dirty it sometimes requires some tears too;)

Babongo Handmade said...

I find it amazing that you find time to do anything, I so admire you for being able to do all these things you do.
Good luck on the metalsmithing :)