Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flickr favs: happy days....

My days are full lately.
kids are home.
still holidays.
they take up lots of my time.
But I don't mind
we had a lot of fun lately :-)

These happy days are filled with:
healthy food
rain and sun
positive feelings

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Rosina said...

Sounds like so much fun! Enjoy the rest of the holidays :)

ArtMind said...

Glad you are enjoying the holidays, Fleur! It must be full house now and I bet that secretly you can't wait for a bit of quiet time... hope you get that in the evenings! Love your mosaic!

kamielandodille@hotmail.com said...

Heerlijk, precies zoals ik me voel!

Meltem said...

Have fun Fleur! Enjoy the holiday, great mosaic!

moetjatja said...

have a lot of fun and enjoy your holiday!

zsazsazsu said...

Keep up the good spirit of healthy food !

Ooty said...

Great to hear - I love it when the house is full and we all enjoy it =) Sweet mosaic.

Courtney said...

Could I have a bite of that parfait? Yum, yum! So glad that you're enjoying happy days. Thanks for sharing your joy with all of us.