Wednesday, April 14, 2010

pimping my wall

I brought this beautiful blossom sticker
from my Maastricht visit last year.
I don't remember the shop, but well, Maastricht is so small,
if you are there,just stroll around and you'll find it :-)

Finally it got a place in my house.
and it makes a nice match with my Leilaliloo print, for which I still need a frame.


LeelaBijou said...

So pretty! I love it :)

Dina Fragola said...


anapina said...

Beautiful indeed!
I just love red :) and the art print makes a lovely match up!

severien said...

Very cute, i love that dark shelf on a light wall, with a hint of color in the decorations. :)

Veerle said...

'k zal binnenkort eens komen kijken ;-) said...

Wat mooi, vooral dat ie achter de plank doorloopt!

Leililaloo said...

You are so sweet, gorgeous photo's you made of her :))

lucinda reemi turandot said...

so pretty!!
maastricht is such a fun little city by the way!
when i lived in limburg i went there a lot! a lot of fun vintage shops & handmade goods

love luci x.

gretchenmist said...

beautiful little spot you have made. love dana's print :)