Thursday, April 29, 2010

Touch of Tape

very simple,
I don't like overload with too much tape
2 little pieces on a box,
and the box is pimped!

I love Japanese paper tape!


ArtMind said...

I LOVE the sweet deatil, Fleur!
The 2 tapes on the bottom are my favorite! :)

Martice said...

I love that tape too!

DeerLola said...

looks gorgeous ! great idea to use it like this and not wrap it up with tape :)

mamutopia said...

Oh so lovely! The two on top are in my home too :)

vadjutka said...

mmm, they are beautiful - great idea!

Laura said...

I love that tape, where can you buy it?

PetitPlat Food Art said...

fun idea!
Love the blue boxes! sooo cute *___*
I want Japanese tape too!

*olala* design said...

That's funny, I've just bought some of the "lace" tape : )
So much prettier that Scotch tape!!!