Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A pretty birthday present

A while ago I got a very nice present from a dear friend!
The pretty 'Abstract' necklace was a birthday present!
yes, it's a while ago,
have been so busy since....
but I have worn it a lot
and always forgot to take pics...
but here it's is, and it fits perfect with my fabric earrings studs!

Can you guess who is this dear friend?
I am gonna meet her in Amsterdam in a few weeks,
and I am pretty excited about it!

For who really has no idea, find her Etsy shop here.

and you can find my little earstuds here.

(and ok, I know, I rarely comb my hair :-))


Anonymous said...

so beautiful! the colours are exactly your style, and from the design, it is a signature of Vadjutka's. :) I love her work alot.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Gorgeous! and I love the picture of you! I love Judit's great color and style!

ArtMind said...

She's such a darling! I can't wait to meet her either! The necklace looks fabulous on you, Fleur, as do the earrings of course! :)

Tea said...

Happy birthday, then!
You look great! I don't like to comb my hair too!
Beautiful necklace and beatiful earrings!

artistudios said...

vadjutka's work is so recognizable! And the necklace is a perfect combination with your beautiful and delicate earrings!


Helmitarha said...

Happy birthday!
That color looks great on you!
Stop by my blog as I've left there something special for you! ;)

Babongo Handmade said...

How lovely and sweet of her. Can't wait to meet her, she promised me a little surprise too :)

vadjutka said...

Oh, the necklace looks gorgeous with those studs!
I am so happy you wear it a lot!