Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thrifting my interior

I just can't resist

then I come home
and don't know wat to do with it

but one day, I do find a purpose for those thrifted finds
such as this cool idea for my vintage domino
found on Mus' blog


ArtMind said...

Hehe, supercool, Fleur! :)

Epp said...

Vintage games are SO much fun! Among my greatest treasuries there is a picture domino set made from plywood. Your finds are excellent. I just love the images on the pieces. :)

mamutopia said...

It looks super nice!!

Anonymous said...

this is a superb idea!
great to work with daughter on this, and paste it on her wall too, she will love it as her birthday present. thank you for sharing!

kamielandodille@hotmail.com said...

O, wat mooi. Als ik zo'n dominospel tegenkom zal ik aan jouw idee denken! '(t Is prachtig.

fleurfatale said...

@kamiel&odile, tis niet mijn idee hé, maar dat van mus ;-)

Crafty Witch said...

Oh, what a lovely idea!!! And it looks so great!