Thursday, June 3, 2010

it's my Barbieworld...

Purple Days Barbie (Sold Out)

Do you remember?
some time ago
I gathered abandoned Barbie shoes
for a cool project.

it's time to reveal!

Millie, the talented girl behind the Kudzu Webshop had the brilliant idea to launch a webshop with jewelry made out of natural, recycled or recycable materials, a collection that contributes to a better environment. Millie and her partner are convinced (and so am I )that ecological and recycled stuff is not boring and that there are lots of alternatives for poluting products and that there ar lots of ways to save energy.

Go shop at Earthlings and make the world a little bit greener!
Some of the necklaces are not in the shop yet, (or sold already) just contact me for those you like.
(24 Euro/29 Dollar)

(some of my Etsy friends helped me with gathering the Barbie shoes,
They will get a nice present from me soon!)

Flamenco Barbie
Sold Out

Cinderella Barbie

Barbie in space

Flower power Barbie

Flamenco Barbie (sold out)

Flower Power Barbie

Barbie in Wonderland

Flamenco barbie

Flamenco Barbie

Barbie in Saint Tropez


ira said...

Wow wow wow, are they going to be on Etsy too Greet? Very refreshing and cute!

Megan said...

they are really cute!

ArtMind said...

Wow, it looks FAB, Fleur!
Superstylish and fun!

Elza D. said...

Oh, ik was zeer benieuwd wat je ermee zou doen! Ze zijn geweldig!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Fantastic! I'm sure these will sell like hotcakes! I love those boots!

cri-cri said...

leuk gevonden greet!

Saskia said...

Superleuk, superorigineel, superprachtig!!!!!

Saskia :)

angelina said...

i'm not a girly sortof girl, but i absolutely DIG THESE. i would buy one. my barbie had a bright yellow high heel , and man , i loved

Pesky Cat Designs said...

What a wonderful idea! They look great!

karuski said...

So sweet necklaces!
That pink japanese style flip flop in 1st pic really speaks to me. Looking forward to seeing a piece with that shoe:)

Sara said...

Me parece genial, lo divertido, nos hace la vida más llevadera.Muy lindos todos.

Leililaloo said...

Hi Greet, these are so incredibly cute!!! About tomorrow in Amsterdam, i would love to come and meet you. I was just wondering if you are sure the place where the market will be market is called Westerveld, and not Westerpark?? Just thought i'd ask you quickly, i would hate to be in the wrong place and not meet you :))

BlueTerracotta said...

So cute, stylish and nostalgic all at once...takes me back to my Barbie days!

LeelaBijou said...

Really cool! :)