Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mosaic & Cold Feet

Museum van Schone Kunsten (Gent)
Gosh, first of June and I am wearing winter clothes.....:-s


mamutopia said...

I love the red-blue colour combination! See you soon :D

vadjutka said...

you have so cool shoes!
it is like November here as well....

Lois Moon said...

Your winter clothing in June comment took me back 25 years to when I was an exchange student in the Netherlands (lived near Haarlem) and was wearing my winter coat at the beginning of July when I returned from my year away.

Such a gorgeous mosaic - it gives me beadweaving ideas.

Thank you for such a color filled blog. I always look forward to seeing your photos.

heel hartelijk bedankt & veel liefs,

zsazsazsu said...

Yep me too, went for a walk with the dog and had my winterboots on and 3 sweaters ! Hate this cold and cloudy weather but love the mosaics.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

You're my kinda girl...I have red shoes...very similar and I wear different colour socks with mine...my husband is not too sure about it and tells me it looks funny!
lol...love your mosaics too!
GREAT blog.