Saturday, July 17, 2010

Craft party Folllow up

I can show
what I made
with one of my porcelain cabochons
(I made at Mitsy's craftparty)

I made
a clawsetting
in sterling silver
at the setting classes
I attended at Lotte Demey in Antwerp

I enjoyed it
as I have more
of these cabochons
I'll sure make more of these!

metalsmithing needs exercice!!!


Annemiek - TwoTreesBelgium said...

Looks so good! Congrats!

::: PetitPlat Food Art ::: said...

omg I love it!
Metal-smithing is such an interesting craft! I hope I'll be able to attend a class myself sooner or later :)

Vilt à la Kim said...

Ziet er geweldig mooi uit Greet!! Ik moet zelf ook nog ermee aan de slag, maar eerst 3 daagjes vilten in Duitsland voor mij :)

Star of the East said...

Well done, Fleur, it is gorgeous!

kraplap said...

beautiful Greet ! said...

Maar dat ziet er echt super uit! Zo mooi.

ingermaaike said...

So supercool!

creationsbyeve said...

looks gorgeous!

zsazsazsu said...

Prachtig en origineel zoals altijd he !

ArtMind said...

Wow, that looks fab, Fleur! I love how it turned out and I'm so happy they arrived just in time for you to take 'em to your metalclass!
I'll copy a pic to post in my flickr and will add it to my flickr set!

Babongo Handmade said...

Love it! These are amazing, gorgeous. Well done, Greet :)

gretchenmist said...

these are divine! love the colours and shapes and the way you've combined them with silver.
a silver ring from an earlier post {not sure how long ago now!!} has stuck in my mind too ~ it's really beautiful :)

Nauli said...

What an awsome idea! I could imagine, you will have to make more of these...

vadjutka said...

wooooow, they are GORGEOUS!
make mooore!

Lets meet in 2 years (but not only) and we can have a silversmith workshop - hopefully.