Thursday, July 29, 2010

My creative workspace

these last few days
I was in the
right mood:

I could orden the chaos
in my head
with the moodboard
of my wintercollection

means for me
textile jewelry,
mis mash of felt, silk, stones, wood....

as I can't let loose
of my creative vibes
I'll take
my sketchbook with me
on Holiday!


Nancy van den Boom said...

Ik zie een hele rustige en ook gedreven moodboard/creative space hier....Mooi hoor.
Fijne beelden...

vadjutka said...

I am always amazed on this phenomena, that we are connected somehow.

1) I was taking pictures of my sketchbook as well for my blog

2) I have already made a few fall/winter designs with lilac and mustard.

This is amazing!

I hope one day we could put together our working tables to see if we have exactly the same stuff :-)))

Have a lovely vacation!

fleurfatale said...

gosh, indeed! this is not the first time, amazing!!!
I'll send you some pictures for the EST blog!

Saskia said...

... alvast prachtige kleurencombinaties!!!

Saskia :)

karuski said...

I now feel like grabbing my sketchbook too. Enjoy your vacation!

gretchenmist said...

really love these photos! so interesting to see your collection of inspiration. have fun on your holiday.
i always take a sketchbook too, but rarely take it out!!

BundlesofBlossoms said...

My family always laughs at me because I don't leave the house without my sketch/idea book. You just never know when the images will appear and I would just die if I couldn't quickly jot them down.

Good to know their are others out there, for sure (smiles)