Thursday, July 8, 2010

sales 20 % discount! on everything in my shop

I bought a pair of shoes
half the price!
back home
I saw the color of one shoe
was completely faded :-(

they should have told me!
I remember...
in the shop
they took the other shoe
and put it immediately into the box!
they knew!:-(

I feel

so why do shops sales?
to get rid of the previous collections...
to make place for the new collections...
(winter collection already end of july, stupid!!!)

I decided to have a little sale too
not dumping prices
just a little (well little?) discount,
good for your wallet ;-)
and not too bad for mine!
and sure,
I won't cheat on you!!!
just a little treat for my customers.
and well, it makes room for new creations, can't wait!

so 20 % off
EVERYTHING in my shop

(I will refund the disount after purchasing in my etsy shop)

I listed lots of new stuff lately, so you'd better take a look,
and if you feel like,
spread the word!

(nederlandstalige lezers: stuur me een mailtje fleurfataleadlivedotbe en ik bereken de nieuwe prijs,
je kan dan ook betalen via overschrijving)


NorraSud by ROROISM said...

with the help of some shoe paste everything should be ok:-)

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

What an irresistible discount!

And your new shoes are still oh-so-pretty!

Sandra said...

Pretend that this are a pair of Campers ... you also never get 2 of the same shoes in this collection ;-)

Ulli said...

de niet verkleurde een dagje in de volle zon laten staan heeft bij mij ooit hetzelfde probleem opgelost. Heb wel elk uur een kleurvergelijking gedaan :D