Thursday, August 12, 2010

inspiration in/from a shell

it happens me
when I am on holidays

after a few days
I am so relaxed
inspiration comes to me

then I am happy I brought some things
to create with
in this case
lots of
cotton yarn

I guess
I just have more time
to notice
all these little things
around me
I have them back home too
but there I am mostly
doing other things

My youngest daughter Mies
found this
tiny empty shell

just look at it
a little bit closer
how nature
makes the most
awesome colorcombinations...

by coincidence
I found these gorgeous handmade Raku buttons
from a ceramics artist
at Sarlat
can't wait
to finish
this necklace
back home!


karuski said...

Happy to hear the vacation has 'worked' :) Beautiful crocheting and indeed, the shell looks wonderful itself.

kraplap said...

That's exactly what vacation should do ! Needless to say that I am jealous of your raku buttons ....

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Greet, that necklace is so beautiful, and your inspirations and time off well-spent...and those buttons, what can I say--there's a smile on my face!

Genevieve said...

The same thing happens with me on vacation! It makes me think, "what can I do to create a similar environment at home?"
Lovely necklace!