Saturday, September 4, 2010

objets trouvés

while running
I stumble upon
little natural finds

I guess
it's funny
to see me
running by
with these things
in my hands
all the way back:-)

these make
perfect accessories
for my
jewelry photo shoots!
(click on the pictures to find the earrings in my shop)


IKABAGS said...

beautiful as always !

Saskia said...

Inderdaad... je foto's zijn altijd prachtig en uniek!! Kleine natuurwonderen, zo mooi!!
Wij hebben hier een mega-grote bokaal vol stenen en kiezels, van dichtbij en van op reis... allemaal zo uniek!!

Groetjes, Saskia :)

Yael said...

I love this, when people do it - bringing home small stuff from nature from outings - I do it by myself all the time! It is amazing what you did with your small treasures - the photos together with your jewelery are so lovely!